Remote Assistance

Thanks to the configuration of different user levels and the real time feature, the system allows the access of external technical services to assist remotely the facility technicians, saving travel cost, service hours and contributing with different solutions that the external technical services can identify without the need of being physically at the facility. Also, the system allows to the own company ´s specialist to support the technicians of each facility remotely when them are travelling.


Conditional Warnings

The Advanced system features allow creating conditioned warnings and alarms, not only triggered by event, related with any parameter or magnitude recorded in the platform. This means, that the user is able to create conditional strings for designing the rules to trigger the complexes alarms, not only for the individual states of each point under supervision.


Remote Control

In those situations in which because of the characteristics of the facility is necessary to perform remote control maneuvers from the platform, is possible to enable this feature acting the Co2st tem system as a Web based SCADA to modify schedules for on/off, temperatures set points, enable or disable circuits,… having always in mind the security of the people involved in the facility versus the capacity of remote controlling it.



The capacity for processing and analyze of the system, allows to know trough a easy and clear presentation of the data, the information about the real behavior of a device or system under the situations of Real consumption vs. Installed power. These features allows important savings when is necessary to replace the device or system, because a faulty behavior or for the reach of the expected lifespan. Also the resizing will have beneficial to adapt the capacity to the real demand, working the equipment under better working operation conditions, and closing to the optimal working point.


KPI´s or Personalized Ratios

The system allows the user to create any kind of ratio for its graphical representation or for its addition in reports or KPI. The KPI allows performing a continuous tracking of the control points and its comparison with the objectives related with that point (Maximum hourly Consumption, daily, weekly, monthly etc….: Consumption per surface unit, of production, per nº of assistants


Calculation Engine

The energy efficiency optimization in a facility needs a continuous evaluation of the energetic performance of equipment and processes and a deep trend analysis. For this task is needed a calculation tool that allows to visualize graphically the evolution, alarms and warnings creation, and summary of the information. The System CO2St Tem has a powerful calculation tool integrated in the platform that supports all the needed features indicated before, deleting the need of exporting to any spreadsheet to manage this aspects.


Real Time

The Advanced System features allow to visualize under a web interface, all the information in real time with refresh rate in seconds, as if you were just in front of your different measuring equipment of any kind: Energy Analyzers, Flow meters, Pressure Sensors, Level, Temperature…. any kind of signal.
If you have a Table device, a technician could be just in front of a Machine or Process, and will be able to visualize simultaneously one or more parameters working in real time.



The need for archiving a wide view of the energy management in several scattered facilities, compare one with others, evaluate which one has a better performance and to find out which are the causes, it´s solved in co2st tem with the multicenter feature. It allows not only to compare globally all the centers, but also each one of them by sections or systems, visualize all the alarms and warning of each one, and to manage your bills…