Co2 Smart Tech S.A has developed co2st-tem, an innovative software for monitoring, analysis and management of energy with advanced features, applicable to any sector, compatible with hardware from different manufacturers (Siemens, Schneider, ABB,…) and hosted in cloud (Saas – Software as a service) or for its implantation in a local server(under license).

The software takes over the energy management from an integral perspective, trough a simplified user interface, and easy navigation. Any supply (Gas, Steam, Electricity, water…..), magnitude (pressure, level, flow, temperature,) or data (production, units, nº users,…..) from a facility can be treated and analyzed with CO2ST TEM for optimizing your facility and your energy efficiency processes.

Because of Co2st tem, user will have detailed information of the cost centers, indicators and consumption ratios (by unit, by user..) bills and sub-bills, electric offers management and comparison (fixed cost, variable or pool, indexed). Tracking projects of energy savings , historical data…

In summary, co2co2st-tem will be essential for:

  • Identify opportunities for energy saving, improve the energy efficiency and optimize energy costs.
  • Prioritize investments in energy efficiency for its relation cost-profit.
  • Reduce operation costs and maintenance, to increase the lifetime of equipment and facilities.
  • Support the decision making process of new investments for end of lifetime of equipment or facilities.

  • Real Time: Visualization and register of the operation in the facility actualized by seconds (Consumption, Cost….)
  • Diagrams: Interactive and with an excellent graphical detail, it´s possible to integrate annotations over each diagram or historic, capacity to export and to send them directly through email.
  • Alarms: Instant delivery of user created alarms triggered by event (Consumption, Power, Flow, On/Off…) or determinate values (Level, Pressure, Temperature …)
  • Control Panels and Ratios: Custom made, following the needs of each user in an organization or Business group.
  • Bills: Capacity to issue each bill using the system registered data, Integration of the bill data sent by each Supplier Company (Electricity, Water, Gas…) and its direct comparison; Sub-Bills by Section or Cost center.
  • Historical Info: All the historical information accessible and exportable (Diagrams, data tables and reports),as well as historic from Alarms and Warnings.
  • Analysis: Simple and advanced analysis tools for detection and evaluation of improvement, issues, time comparison…. and mathematical interrelation between them.
  • Cost Centers: custom configuration of the cost centers, issue of bills by cost center, multiple filter by date, day type, time interval, Daily Averages.
  • Investments: Easy and Advanced analysis tools for detection and evaluation of improvements, Issues, time comparison…. and mathematical interrelation between them.
  • Multi-center / Multi-user: Simultaneous management of several facilities, Different user profiles from any device with an internet connection.
  • Accessibility: from any device with an Internet connection is possible to access the application either through your web browser or the specific app for Smart phones and Tablets.

The information to be integrated into the platform for processing and analysis may come from:

  • Measuring equipment and sensors equipped with any communication protocol.
  • Direct communication with PLCs for devices or process control.
  • Integration with Database generated by other systems.
  • Manual data insertion into the system.

Integration under “co2st-tem”:

  • Developed for communicating and integrating information from sensors, measurement devices, machines and control systems from multiple vendors , using open communication protocols as (Modbus RTU / TCP, MBUS, BACnet, OPC …) or other sources (DD.BB, FTP Servers ), through different transmission paths (Ethernet, RF, Wifi, GSM / 3G, RBT) for its analysis and management into the platform.

Integration to third parties:

  • The information handled and processed by the system can be shared with other information systems such as RPs for allocating energy costs to products, operating hours in production lines, systems or equipment, ratios or indexes for its integration into reports, …
  • Also the software can communicate with existing control systems to modify set points, schedules, or directly with actuators performing control functions from the platform itself.

The co2st-tem software has been developed to be executed from the Cloud (SaaS – Software as a Service) and also for being implanted in a company server “Software in house”.

From any PC/Laptop connected to Internet, is possible to Access the software in any moment, supervising instantaneously the functioning of any equipment or facility. This access is possible to do it also, using Tablets or Smart phones through the specific applications developed for this kind of devices.

The instantaneous refresh of the information visualized on the screen, allows the Tablets or Smartphone’s to become mobile supervision posts. So that, the operation and maintenance teams can move freely through the facility and observe physically one machine or process but at the same time visualizing the operation data and trend diagrams in instantaneous mode.

These features speeds up the operations and make the O&M services more independent, allowing several people at the same time from different places analyze instantaneously the same process or equipment.

The access from a browser its accomplished through a user and a password. Depending of the access level granted to each individual user, it will have more access to the information and tools in the system.


  • Industry: From any Sector, integrated any parameter and its relation
  • Buildings Office Building, Headquarters, Public Buildings.
  • Services: Malls, Sport Centers, Residential, Hotels, Restaurants.
  • Chains: (Supermarkets, Textile, Bank offices, Insurance Offices etc….)


  • General Managers, Financial or Economic Managers.
  • Engineers and Technicians.
  • Operation and Maintenance Staff.